As a Hunger Task Force Member Food Pantry, Project Concern of Cudahy/Saint Francis is part of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and therefore must adhere to income guidelines set by the Federal Government. The income guidelines are based on the size of your household. Please see below for the income guidelines.

Household members are any permanent members of the household, either adults or children (17 and under) for our records. Based on the size of your household, please review the total, combined household income, before taxes, to determine if you qualify.  If your household is over the income limit, you would not qualify for our Food Pantry.

What to bring on your first visit?

  • The person signing up and designated as “Head of Household” must bring a recent piece of mail with their name and address, along with some form of ID (photo ID preferred but not required).  Some examples of acceptable ID’s are:  Driver’s license, State ID, Military ID, School ID, Library card, etc.
  • All other adults and children in the household will need to provide one form of ID (see examples above).  The Head of Household may provide photos or copies of the ID’s of all other household members provided the photos or copies are clear.
  • You will be asked to read and sign the pledge statement on the government-issued TEFAP form certifying that you have represented your household size and total income accurately and truthfully for TEFAP.

On ALL subsequent visits, after having successfully registered, please bring:

  • A piece of recent mail with name and address or one form of ID for the Head of Household ONLY.

Every 12 months each household will be asked to re-certify. The Head of Household will review the federal income limits as posted at our Food Pantry and confirm that their household is still below the appropriate income level.  If still eligible, then the Head of Household would provide one form of ID or piece of recent mail for themselves ONLY and verbally confirm the members of the household, address, phone number and advise of any changes.

Please call us at (414) 744-0645 with any questions regarding this information.